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Rustic Bird Houses and Woody

Rustic Bird Houses for the Upper East Side

The Upper East Side of New York City features several residential areas. This fashionable district of the city has been home to many celebrated and affluent residents including the Rockefellers, the Roosevelts and the Kennedys. Some new residents have recently been reported. These are a tad less famous but in many ways equally important.


Mysterious Additions

A block on East 83rd Street which is on the Upper East Side of Manhattan now benefits from more than 20 bird houses. These appeared somewhat mysteriously one night in the small hours. Apparently the rustic bird houses are the handy work of a local resident who wishes to remain anonymous. Some of the locals do know who he is but they are protecting his identity. He is known affectionately as "Woody" and is undoubtedly the Banksy of bird houses!

Personalised Wooden Bird Houses

The hand built bird houses vary in style and colour. They are constructed from scrap wood and driftwood collected on local beaches. Pieces of the driftwood are secured to the outside of the boxes and this gives the simple wooden bird houses their unique and rustic appearance. Some of the designs boast messages of peace, others include addresses which ally them to the particular property that they are positioned close to. One of the bird houses reads "Louise" in honour of a 90-year old woman who lived on the street for more than 50 years.
The arrival of the bird houses has been heavily reported in the New York press and so the creations are attracting a lot of interest in the city.

Hero or Villain?

It is said that the gentlemen responsible for creating the rustic bird houses also maintains the areas beneath them so that there is no build-up of unsightly waste and debris. Predictably some of the locals remain less than amused and fear that the bird houses will help to create a mess in the neighbourhood. There have also been comments about the noise that the feathered residents are making in the morning. You would think that people would relish the sound of bird song in the heart of the city, but perhaps not!

Other locals are more enthusiastic about the new additions to the street. They believe that it is a brilliant idea to encourage more wild birds into the area and to give them somewhere to nest. They understand that "Woody" is trying to celebrate the beautiful things in life and to breathe more life into the street.

So the undoubtedly kind soul who has built the bird houses is simultaneously a local hero and a neighbourhood villain! If he builds any more of the rustic bird houses then he might well become something of a celebrity too.

Closer to Home

If the wooden bird houses sound like a great idea then why not do something similar in your area? You can find the rustic bird houses that you need right here at Little Peckers.


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