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What are Safflower bird seeds?

Even if you are a novice when it comes to feeding birds you will soon learn all about the variety of different seeds and mixes that you can buy. In fact, it won’t be long before you are discovering more and more about the different species that visit you and their favourite foods.

There are some seeds which are common choices and are seen in standard . But there are also less common options such as Safflower bird seed.
Often seen growing in warmer climates, this seed is an interesting choice for those birders who are looking to give their feathered visitors a little variety at dinnertime.

All about Safflower seeds

One of best things about is that it is incredibly nutritious. Packed full of fat, fibre and protein, it is perfectly suitable food for a variety of different bird species that you will see in your back garden.

The seeds are white in colour and are slightly smaller than black oil sunflower seeds, although they do have quite a similar look.

What birds will eat Safflower Bird Seeds?

Safflower seeds can take some time for certain birds to get used to. But given time the birds will learn to appreciate them.

Finches are known to love this particular seed and will happily devour it despite its bitter flavour. Blackbirds, Starlings and squirrels will not eat safflower seeds. This means that if you want to discourage these types of visitors then they are the ideal seeds for your feeder.

How can I introduce birds to Safflower Bird Seeds?

Any bird feeder that is designed to hold sunflower seeds is also ideal for safflower seeds. If you have ground feeding birds that visit your garden, then make sure that you sprinkle some of the seeds on the floor in sheltered areas so you can feed them too.

As we have already seen, safflower seeds taste and look a little different to sunflower seed. It is best to mix them in with other seeds and in small amounts to get the birds used to the flavour.

You may see that the birds will rifle through the bird seed to start with; this can be messy but given time they will quickly get used to this different type of seed.

So there you have it. The safflower seed. A nutritious addition to the diet of garden birds. These seeds are great to feed your favourite visitors.
Best of all, as they are not for every bird, they can discourage some of the unwanted visitors to your garden.

Here at Little Peckers we are proud to offer a variety of different types of bird seed, including safflower. So why not try out something different and see just how a different offering can change the birds that visit your garden?

You may be surprised by the new and varied visitors that you can attract simply by varying the diet that you provide!


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