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Solar Bird Feeders?

You would probably imagine that a wildlife charity would be completely in favour of renewable energy. After all, climate change represents a huge risk to the future of the planet’s wildlife. But the RSPB has gained a reputation for opposing the installation of wind turbines.

Wind Farms and Wild Birds

The charity’s relationship with renewable energy has proved to be a complex one. They have recently made a legal challenge to an offshore wind farm in the Firth of Forth. This has led to investment in the project collapsing. The RSPB believe that the development could be detrimental to the local seabird population. However, they have now released a new report which indicates that the UK could produce up to four times the current levels of renewable energy.

A Change of Heart?

This isn’t the about face that appears to be but rather a clarification of the charity’s position. It believes that renewable energy is a positive thing but only if developments are planned with wildlife in mind. The Vision 2050 report discusses the challenge of cutting carbon emissions without harming wildlife in other ways. Wind turbines can disrupt birds’ migratory patterns and hydroelectric projects can threaten river wildlife. Large solar farms have proved to be hazardous to birds. The RSPB believe that all new developments must be more carefully planned. The best locations should be chosen and the right technology utilised.

Renewable Energy and Saving Energy

The charity’s scientists used high-tech mapping techniques to identify favourable locations across the UK where the risk to wildlife would be low.
The report also emphasises the need to promote greater energy efficiency so that overall demand for power falls. Better insulation and efficient lighting can significantly contribute to the reduction in energy consumption.

Clearly it is desirable to save energy, to generate energy sustainably and to develop new projects with the needs of wildlife in mind. There is little point trying to save the planet through the use of wind turbines only to kill off much of our wildlife in operating them. As energy saving methods are so crucial to our future we should all play our part in changing the world. One way in which we can all make a difference is by limiting energy consumption in our gardens.

Solar Bird Baths and Solar Bird Feeders

Many home owners have various lighting and equipment in their gardens which requires electricity to function. This includes security lighting, garden lighting and pond pumps. Some bird baths and bird feeders are also illuminated but these do not have to consume electricity from the national grid. and bird feeder lights can be solar powered.

If you invest in a you can see the birds after dark whilst using only renewable energy. Solar bird feeders and Solar bird baths are earth friendly, wildlife friendly innovations that would be fabulous additions to your garden. Solar garden lights are also an energy saving choice. Think solar power when you light your garden and you can do your bit to help reduce the demand for energy.


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