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Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeders

Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeders and Secret Squirrels

What do you do if you have an intruder in your home or a trespasser on your property?

You would almost certainly report the interloper to the police.

But what if the intruder was a squirrel?

You probably wouldn’t feel threatened by a squirrel. After all, they don’t tend to break into your home to steal your valuables. Neither are they in the habit of assaulting people. It probably hasn’t crossed your mind to squirrel proof your home, even if you have invested in a squirrel proof bird feedersr for your garden.

Criminal Activity

However, until 2014, the grey squirrel was up there with armed robbers in the eyes of the law. Did you know that householders were breaking the law if they didn’t report a sighting of a grey squirrel in their garden? Or that it was and still is perfectly acceptable to shoot these fearsome felons?

Those who enjoyed watching these creatures were indulging in criminal activity if they chose to keep their visitors secret.

If you saw grey squirrels in your garden prior to 2014 and you didn’t report them to Defra then you are most certainly a criminal!

Foreign Invaders

The grey squirrel is not a native of the UK. This North American species was introduced to Britain in the 1870s as a fashionable edition to the estates of the wealthy.

This introduction had unexpected consequences as the grey squirrel proved to be a threat to the native red squirrel. They are larger than their red cousins and can store four times more fat and so found it easier to survive the winter. They also produce more young and so their numbers increased rapidly.

Unfortunately grey squirrels are carriers of the Parapox virus to which red squirrels have no resistance. The grey squirrel was taking over and the red squirrel population was dwindling.

To make matters worse, by the 1930s grey squirrels were proving problematic to agriculture and woodland. They were viewed as pests and a species which it was considered desirable to eradicate.

A Change in the Law

In 1937 the Grey Squirrels (Prohibition of Importation and Keeping) Order required people to report sightings of grey squirrels in their gardens. Failure to do so could have resulted in prosecution. If a sighting was reported an official would visit your garden to exterminate the villainous squirrel.

Unsurprisingly this law failed to have the desired effect and the squirrel population continued to prosper.

By 2014 it had reached 2.5 million. It was now deemed to be so large and well-established that there was no longer any possibility of eradicating the species.

The law was repealed and so you will no longer be entering the criminal underworld if you happen to enjoy the squirrels in your garden.

Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeders

If you feed the wild birds in your garden then squirrels will remain problematic. They are intelligent and resourceful creatures which will raid your bird feeders. They are capable of finding ways to overcome most of the measures that you take to keep them away from the nuts.

Your best course of action is to invest in squirrel resistant bird feeders. There are a variety of squirrel resistant feeders available and we have some great options here at
Little Peckers.

Whether you welcome squirrels visiting your garden or prefer them to stay away, it is hard to imagine that you could have been prosecuted merely for not reporting their presence!


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