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The Heart of the Matter - Sunflower Hearts

Are you looking to attract more birds to your garden? What is the best bird food for your feeder? Sunflower hearts are a great choice and not just for the birds!

What Are Sunflower Hearts

Sunflower hearts are the kernels of black sunflower seeds. In other words they are sunflower seeds with the husks already removed. This is important because it means that the hearts are quick and easy for the birds to eat. The hearts are rich in oil and protein and so provide a nutritious meal that is full of energy for a wide variety of garden birds. The birds love them and you will too because Sunflower hearts also minimise mess.

Minimise Mess

There are no husks for the birds to discard. The ground beneath your feeders will not end up strewn with debris that you need to clear up. Some Sunflower hearts will end up on the floor, even if you use feeders or a bird table. This is because smaller birds like to distract the competition by throwing a few hearts to the floor. If they can divert larger birds away from the feeder they can then feed unchallenged.

Not just for Birds

A few hearts on the ground is no bad thing as they will always be eaten. Some larger species of birds prefer to eat from the ground and hedgehogs love sunflower hearts too. Hedgehogs are becoming a rare sight in urban gardens. Sunflower hearts could enable you to see these charming creatures a little more often.

Favourites with Goldfinches

Sunflower hearts are firm favourites with tits, thrushes, house sparrows, blackbirds, greenfinches and goldfinches. Indeed this winter has seen record numbers of goldfinches in gardens. The has been conducting a feeding survey. This has shown that goldfinches were seen in 61% of gardens compared to an average of 52% in the preceding decade. The survey has also revealed that the goldfinches have a preference for sunflower hearts.

Year Round Nutrition

Sunflower hearts are a fabulous winter food as they are packed with energy. During the cold of winter, birds can lose up to 40% of their body weight overnight as they use so much energy trying to keep warm. But you should also provide sunflower hearts in the summer. In dry weather the ground will become hard. Birds then find it difficult to extract worms making the provision of supplementary food as important as ever.

Sunflower hearts are the perfect year round food for a wide variety of birds.
The hearts will maximise the number of species that you can attract to your garden. The hearts could help you to enjoy hedgehog sightings and this food will reduce the amount of mess that you have to clear up. Just make sure that you only offer sunflower hearts which are in date and always provide water for the birds to drink.

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