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The Curious Incident of the Pigeons in the Night Time

A recent incident has given a whole new meaning.
Devon and Cornwall police have appealed for witnesses after more than 40 pigeons were found dead on the A35 near Honiton.

On the Line

The deceased birds were discovered back in August. The pigeons were found dead on the road in the morning and appeared to have been placed there deliberately as they were evenly spaced along the tarmac. Bizarrely the birds had been positioned along the white lines in the centre of the road. The carnage was spread over a considerable distance as the birds had been placed hundreds of yards apart. A curious incident indeed!

Feed and Feathers

A member of the public alerted the police to the corpses. As a discarded bag of feed was found next to the road together with a large amount of feathers, there seems little doubt that the carnage was no accident. The Police Community Support Officer who attended the scene, Steve Mingo, has stated that it was the strangest incident that he has ever been involved with.

He has appealed for the public to come forward if they saw anything suspicious or if they witnessed any of the birds in the road. Eyewitness accounts will help the police to narrow down the time when the offence occurred.

Check Your Flock

The Police have also asked that pigeon fanciers check their flocks to ensure that all their birds are accounted for. The dead pigeons must have come from somewhere but as yet nobody no information has been forthcoming about their origins or how they ended up on the A35.

New Task Force

The Devon and Cornwall police have their hands full with wildlife issues lately. The previous month they were conducting a search for an escaped lynx! There have also been reports of a lion on the loose near St Austell. If things carry on like this they will need a special task force!

Report Lost Birds

If you keep pigeons then do check your birds regardless of where you live as there is no guarantee that the dead birds were from the West Country. If you have any information that could help the investigations, call 101 or, quoting police log 180 for August 3.

You can also give information anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

The story does illustrate that security is important if you keep birds. In addition to attending to their feed and pigeon floor dressing, you must ensure that your coop is secured against intruders. You wouldn’t want your birds to be found on a road somewhere in mysterious circumstances.


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