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The Parrot Posse

Parrots are highly intelligent creatures which require constant stimulation if they are to remain happy. Bored birds soon start to suffer psychological problems and can end up pecking out their own feathers. It takes a bit more than and a cage to keep the average psisttacine perky.

The Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary

Nobody knows that better than Kali Marie who founded the Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary in Kansas. Kali dedicates her life to caring for parrots and other exotic birds that need help. She has 52 birds to look after and that means that she needs a lot of toys to them occupied.

Parrot Food and Toys

The birds that she cares for have often experienced abuse or neglect. They require dedicated care and a great deal of attention if they are to live happy lives and to find new homes. Kali gets through a lot of parrot food and has to invest in a constant supply of toys.

Toy Scam

Unfortunately, Kali recently became the victim of a scam. She ordered a batch of toys but never received the goods. It is always a struggle to raise the funds to purchase the toys and so she couldn’t afford to order replacements. Kali was distraught but then boxes of toys mysteriously started arriving at the sanctuary.

Surprising Deliveries

Boxes of toys were showing up one after the other and Kali didn’t have the faintest idea what was going on. It turned out that Kali’s friend, Jill Casteel, had told a Facebook group about the parrot sanctuary’s plight.

The Posse

The Parrot Posse is a Facebook Group which unites people who want to help rescued birds. The group was established over 20 years ago and now has an impressive 3,000 members. Through an accumulation of small donations, they have been able to make a big difference.

When they heard about what had happened to Kali Marie, the Parrot Posse sent boxes of toys but then individual members also sent their own donations, many anonymously. Kali Marie received an impressive windfall which ensured that her birds would be entertained for the foreseeable.

Fake Claims

The Parrot Posse would love to be able to offer support to every bird in need but that simply isn’t possible. They investigate every case which comes to their attention as many claims turn out to be fraudulent. The Posse offer assistance where possible and their intervention certainly made a huge difference to Kali Marie.


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