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The World’s New Most Expensive Racing Pigeon

In 2013 a Belgian bird was purchased by a Chinese enthusiast for 310,000 euro and became the world’s most expensive racing pigeon. Bolt, named after sprinter Usain Bolt, was the subject of much media attention with his impressive price tag. But now the cost of this bird has been eclipsed by an even more incredible purchase.

A Prince Among Pigeons

South Africans Mark Kitchenbrand and Samuel Mbiza have purchased a pigeon known as Golden Prince at an auction house in Pipa, Belgium. They paid the record price of 360,000 euro which seems like a truly incredible amount of money to shell out for a single specimen. However, this duo does appear to know what they are doing.

Impressive Winning Record

Kitchenbrand and Mbize have declared their purchase to be one of the best investments that they have ever made. Kitchenbrand is a breeder of racing pigeons and his family has accumulated the best results in South Africa with over 500 wins.

In the Genes

Golden Prince was a very attractive prospect because the bird has proved to be an out and out winner in long distance races with success imprinted all over his genes. His grandfather was also a champion bird and so it is anticipated that his offspring will continue the blood line’s winning record.

Golden Investment

The bird will be kept in Belgium for breeding. He will be partnered with the finest hens and the resulting babies will be made available for sale on a worldwide platform. Kitchenbrand is naturally keen to see a return on his significant investment. Buyers across the world are likely to be only too willing to purchase Golden Prince’s offspring.

Some of the babies will be sent to South Africa where they will be crossed with birds from a successful genetic line that has been developed there. If the babies start winning, their value will also be enhanced and Kitchenbrand’s investment could prove to be an extremely wise one.

Here’s hoping that Golden Prince produces many successful birds for his new owners. He has cost them a fortune and they will be expecting big things from their new feathered friend.


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