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What are Swallow Bird Houses?

The UK is incredibly lucky to have such a wide and varied collection of beautiful birds in its skies. Best of all, if you install a , bird feeder or then you will get the opportunity to see them in your garden.

During the summer months the chances of seeing native birds increases as they stay around our shores enjoying the warmer weather. The ever popular swallow is a bird which heralds of the arrival of spring.

What is a swallow?

Swallows are a group of birds which includes the Barn, Chimney, Cliff, Pacific, Tree, Violet-Green and Wire-Tailed varieties.

How do I know it is a swallow?

You may see swallows frequently as a decorative pattern on clothes, cushions or jewellery. But would you know how to spot one flying around in the sky?
Swallows are relatively easy to recognise; they have long wings and tail streamers. They also have a metallic blue tinge to their feathers as well as reddish and white markings. These beautiful and graceful birds are always a delight to see.

How can I attract them into my garden?

Swallows may not be regular visitors to your garden. In fact, enticing them to visit can be challenging, even if you have been feeding birds for a number of years. You must be patient and provide everything that these birds will be looking for.


Swallows are not the type of bird that visit bird feeders; this is because they are insectivores and rely on insects for their nutrition. However, this doesn't mean that you can’t provide them with a hearty dinner. Encouraging a good insect population in your garden will mean that the swallows will skim over the open areas to feed.

You should always make sure that you avoid using insecticides and pesticides on your garden as this can kill off the swallow’s source of food.

Bird Bath

Swallows are known to stick around areas that have a natural water source. Lakes, large ponds or broad streams are the most popular choices. The birds don’t always sit within the water, but rather skim it, dipping their beaks in as they fly.

So, if you want to attract swallows then make sure you have a bird bath with inbuilt movement. Fountains, bubblers and misters are ideal.

What about a Swallow Bird House?

So what if you want to encourage swallows to nest or take shelter in your garden? It may be easier than you think. Swallows are known to readily nest in houses that are put out for them, as well as making their own nesting sites. To encourage this, you should make sure that you have plenty of building materials for the birds in your outdoor space.

There are a variety of different swallow bird house options that you can buy;
but, if you have a porch, deck or roofline spare then they will be more than happy to build a nest there.

Swallows are beautiful birds and like many of the other fascinating species in the UK, all you need to do is put in a little effort and you can enjoy them in your own garden.


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