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Where do Abandoned Parrots Go?

Parrots and many other species of exotic birds are extremely appealing. Their bright colours, intelligence and ability to talk makes them look like the perfect pets. Unfortunately, many people acquire the birds without being aware of how demanding they can become. and they live for up to 75 years. Many owners simply cannot cope or do not outlive their pets and so new homes must be found for the birds. If there is no one to adopt them, where do they go?

The National Parrot Sanctuary

Many exotic birds have been fortunate enough to find a forever home at the National Parrot Sanctuary. This is a feature of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park and was the brainchild of Steve Nichols, an expert in parrot welfare.

Advice Line

The organisation was originally established to offer advice to parrot owners in the Sheffield area. But calls started coming in from farther afield. It wasn’t long before the service became a national call centre. Nichols visited parrot owners across the country to offer assistance and he realised that some owners, no matter how well intentioned, were not going to able to continue caring for their pets. He started to take on these birds but what started as a small project quickly began to develop into something else altogether.

Establishing the Sanctuary

Steve Nichols and his family decided to open a rehabilitation centre and sanctuary for exotic birds. Many potential sites were considered but a flat piece of land in Lincolnshire proved to be the best option. and in just a few years the original one acre site had been expanded to well over 20 acres.

The Largest Collection of Parrots

The Sanctuary is now home to the UK’s largest collection of parrots. There are over 2,000 birds and 100 different breeds at the sanctuary which has evolved into the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park featuring a variety of different animals including meerkats and tigers. The organisation continues to adopt exotic birds every year and now cares for a third of all the parrots currently in the UK.

Visiting the Park

You can visit the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park every day except Christmas day to meet the exotic birds. Parakeets fly freely around the park and there are walk-through aviaries to enjoy. Many of the parrots can talk which makes any visit highly entertaining. Plans are afoot to construct a new tropical indoor paradise which will house a variety of exotic birds and reptiles.

Support the Birds

The Lincolnshire Wildlife Park is well worth a visit and your entrance fee will help to support the care of the adopted birds. If you are struggling to cope with your own pet birds, then contact the park as they may be able to offer your birds a new home and one where you will be able to visit them.


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