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Where to Buy Bird Houses

Many of Britain’s wild birds are in decline due to changes in agricultural practices and the erosion of their natural habitats. However, domestic gardens can offer new habitats that will help populations of the affected species to recover. Gardens can also play a valuable role in ensuring that all species continue to prosper.

The combined areas of our gardens are potentially Britain’s largest nature reserve. The trouble is, more and more gardens are being designed to suit people and not birds!

Garden Trends

Rather than researching where to buy bird houses, many householders are more likely to be investigating the price of decking and patios. When it comes to gardens, the trend is for low maintenance affairs. Contemporary gardens often feature large expanses of paving and decking, raised beds and gravel rather than lawns and herbaceous borders. This type of garden looks neat and tidy and is easy to care for but does not help the wildlife at all.

What Wild Birds Need

Wild birds feed on insects and worms and there aren’t going to be many of either in gardens which are all wood and patio. You need grass and plant life for that and so a traditional cottage garden is far more bird friendly. It is great to hang bird feeders in the garden but birds are safer and will feel more secure if these are located near the cover of shrubs, bushes and trees.

Bird houses for nesting are also an excellent inclusion but these are best situated in shady areas otherwise they can become far too hot inside. It is difficult to find shady locations in gardens which have no trees and large bushes. If you do wish to feature them in your garden then where is the best place to buy bird houses? Little Peckers of course! Bushes and dense climbers like ivy in your garden are also the perfect places for birds to build their nests.

The Water Garden

For a garden to be wildlife friendly it must feature water. The best way to do this is to create a wildlife pond. This is a pond with an area of shallow water and with shallow sloping sides for easy access. A pond will attract a variety of wildlife including frogs, not just wild birds. It will also attract insects which are a great source of nutrition for the birds.

If it is not possible to build a pond in your garden then a bird bath is a good option. This will provide a source of fresh drinking water and somewhere for the birds to bathe and preen.

The Perfect Garden for Wild Birds

So the perfect garden for birds is one which combines nature with human intervention. One which has plenty of plants and shrubs, including large specimens, together with trees, grass and a source of water. Feeders and bird houses are the ideal finishing touches. This combination of natural elements and a few man made additions will see the birds flocking to your garden.


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