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Wholesale Bird Seed and Peacocks

Many year ago I would spend time at the home of a wealthy family in France. They owned an impressive estate which featured a stunning house, hundreds of acres of woodland and a beautiful garden. Some of their land was utilised for growing fruit and providing a home for their chickens and sheep.

As an animal lover I thought I had died and gone to heaven! I loved the sheep and became fascinated by the chickens. The hens delivered a steady supply of delicious fresh eggs which made life even better. I also enjoyed playing with the family’s two Jack Russell terriers who were always full of beans. I had fanciful ideas about keeping a variety of animals myself but my own family’s small garden wouldn’t have been suited to such a project!

Paradise Estate

The estate in France was a mini paradise but one run with great efficiency. There was a barn stocked up with all necessary supplies and equipment including a mountain of d. I had thought that the bird seed was merely for the quails which were wandering around the property or to attract wild birds close to the house. Then I discovered that some of it was for another resident entirely.

A Shock at the Boat House

Shortly after I arrived for my first visit I took a walk around the beautiful gardens behind the house. There was an impressive series of three large ponds with waterfalls cascading between them. Beneath the ponds was a small boat house which looked like the perfect place to sit and read. I wandered down and settled into one of the seats, ready for a little quiet relaxation.

I hadn’t read more than three lines of my book when there was an ear-piercing scream. The terrible noise appeared to be coming from above my head. I rushed out of the boat house, dropping my book somewhere in my haste to leave. When I looked up onto the roof I started to giggle because I could now see what had let out that horrible and really quite scary noise. There was a majestic peacock looking down at me. The boat house was actually a bird house of sorts.

Bird Seed for Peacocks

I wondered whether I had invaded the peacock’s territory in entering the boat house but he soon seemed to accept my presence. I went back up to the house to ask if some of the wholesale bird seed in the barn was intended for my new friend and it was. Over the course of my visit I would always seek out the peacock and take some seed with me to provide him with a treat. The peacock would occasionally treat me to a full display of his magnificent tail feathers.

I thought that a peacock was an unusual choice of pet but rather a fabulous one. It didn’t require much care and made for a striking splash of colour in the garden. I was extremely grateful, however, that it rarely felt the need to scream!


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