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A New Kind of Wild Bird feed

I have been fortunate enough to visit Yosemite National Park on several occasions. The gorgeous scenery keeps drawing me back as does the fabulous wildlife in the park. When I first visited Yosemite I was surprised to see that the trees were full of the prettiest blue birds. I had naturally imagined that I would see deer and bears but has not given much consideration to the birds in this beautiful area of California.

The Blue Poacher

The birds in question were Steller’s jays. It didn’t take me long to discover that they are quite aggressive in their pursuit of a meal. On my first evening in the park I was enjoying eating my dinner at a picnic table when a couple of the jay’s swooped down, landed on the table and started to close in on my meal. Whenever the food comes out you can see the birds staring to circle!

Omnivores and Wild Bird Feed

I have grown used to the antics of these birds over time. They are reasonably fearless and there a lot of them. I note that Wikipedia describes them as omnivores and they are not kidding! I have fed and seeds but in Yosemite salad, cold chicken and salami are the new . Steller’s Jays will indeed eat anything.

Salad Loving Squirrel

The Steller’s jays are not the only poachers in Yosemite either. One evening I sat down to eat a rather tasty looking tuna salad. I saw something moving to my left and then in a flash a squirrel jumped up onto the table, scooped up an armful of my salad and ran away. There I was with my fork half way to my mouth when a chunk of my dinner disappeared. You are absolutely not allowed to feed the wildlife in Yosemite but sometimes you don’t have a choice.

Yosemite’s squirrels are even braver that the Steller’s jays! They are relentless in their search for food, they will sit up and beg and on one occasion I was walking along one of the trails only to discover that there was a squirrel in my rucksack! It must have jumped in their when I sat down to have a drink. Thankfully I found it before it found my packed lunch.

Cheeky Chipmunks

The chipmunks are pretty tenacious too. The cute little critters get everywhere, including in my mobile home. I was preparing some food one afternoon and looked up to see a chipmunk standing in the middle of the living area. It looked so sweet I wanted to feed it but that could have landed me in a lot of trouble if the park rangers caught me. It is better if the wildlife doesn’t learn to associate people with food. Especially the bears!

I was amused to watch a much publicised video on Youtube this week featuring a chipmunk caught red handed stealing food from a bird feeder. The poor little thing obviously felt guilty because when approached he ditched his stash. I hadn’t realised quite how much bird seed one chipmunk could stuff into its cheeks!

If you are lucky enough to visit Yosemite National park then watch out when you are eating. There are many creatures there who believe in sharing!


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