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What’s Wrong with Wild Bird feeding Stations and Bird Baths?

Your feeders or wild bird feeding station provide a valuable source of nutrition for native wildlife. Feeding stations also enable you to enjoy the wide variety of birds that will visit them. Unfortunately there has been a considerable amount of adverse publicity about bird feeders not to mention bird baths recently. Not that this should come as a surprise. If there is one thing that you can be sure of in life it is that if you enjoy something, somebody will find a reason why you shouldn’t be doing it.

It is almost as if there is a committee somewhere which researches every pleasure in life until they can find an argument against it. Wild bird feeding stations are now variously blamed for causing birds to collide with windows, the spread of avian diseases and enabling predation by cats. These arguments conveniently overlook the fact that you can take simple measures to eliminate all of these issues. I suppose it is much better to leave the wild birds to starve to death or die of thirst, just in case one of them happens to fly into your French windows.

Demonic Bird Baths

Bird feeders and bird bath have really come under the microscope in America recently. Feeders have been cited as spreading mycoplasmal conjunctivitis and attracting bears into gardens. Now bird baths are also being demonised because they will attract mosquitos and so contribute to the spread of the Zika virus. However, there could be an interesting solution to that particular problem.
There may soon be a new trend for little houses in American gardens. Of course bird houses are already popular but we are not talking about bird houses here. We are talking about bat houses.

Caped Crusaders to the Rescue

In Nashville, one pest control company is using bat houses as a natural alternative to chemicals in order to reduce the number of mosquitos in gardens. Bats love to eat mosquitos and can consume up to 600 per hour! The bat houses in question look a little like bird houses but are designed specifically to appeal to the bats. They have separate chambers and ventilation so the bats can choose a place to hang out where the temperature is comfortable for them.
Some of the bat houses can accommodate up to 300 bats. That means that an incredible 300,000 mosquitos could be gobbled up every night! With bat houses in their gardens, the residents of Nashville can continue enjoying the wild birds without being accused of spreading the Zika virus.

Solutions not Problems

To every problem there is a solution! Wild bird feeding stations and bird baths have their critics. These people would do better spending some of their time looking for solutions to the potential issues rather than just making accusations. If bird feeders and bird baths are kept clean and positioned advisedly they are fabulous additions to any garden. They can help the wild birds whilst considerably enhancing the lives of people.


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