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Wild Bird Food Prices and Orange Seagulls

Wild birds are surprisingly intelligent despite their small brains. If you provide food for the birds then they will find it. Attracting birds to your garden really brings it to life and you are helping the birds at the same time. Better still, at Little Peckers, are extremely low so it doesn’t cost the earth to invest in some high quality seed. Robins, tits and finches are colourful visitors that it is a delight to see. Some wild birds, however are not meant to be colourful.

That includes seagulls, not that you would probably be keen to encourage seagulls to visit your home. Although then again you might be quite interested in seeing one if it happened to be orange!

The Spice Gull

Last week workers in a South Wales Factory were astonished to discover an orange seagull at the site. It turned out that the unfortunate bird had been scavenging for meat in the factory’s bins and had then fallen into a vat of curry!

The hapless seagull had ended up in a vat of chicken tikka masala. It appears that he was trying to grab a piece of chicken from the curry. The poor bird had turned orange from head to toe. Quickly dubbed the Spice Gull and Gullfrazie, the bird was taken to Vale wildlife hospital near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire where staff cleaned him using washing up liquid.

A Spicey Aroma

Gullfrazie was soon returned to his original colouring but it proved impossible to remove the smell of the curry. The bird still smelt strongly of tikka masala. Apparently he smelt amazing. Workers at the wildlife hospital reported that they had never treated an animal covered in curry before. No surprise there then!

The bird was caged after being cleaned so that staff could feed him to build up his weight. He was a bit skinny which explains why he was on the hunt for food at the factory. When he has fattened up he will be placed in an outdoor aviary so that he can re-waterproof his feathers and will later be released back into the wild.

Perhaps Gullfrazie was a wild bird with expensive tastes or one with a palate adjusted to human food. Chicken tikka masala is certainly not a seagull’s natural diet. Gullfrazie will doubtless steer clear of curry factories in the future. The story does demonstrate the lengths that wild birds will go to when they need to find food.

Wild Bird Food Prices

Don’t forget to help your local wild birds by providing high quality bird seed in your garden. Wild bird food prices are low at Little Peckers so you can afford to treat your favourite birds regularly. We offer sunflower hearts, nyjer seed, peanuts and no mess mixes so you have plenty to choose from, but no tikka masala! Our range is sure to feature the seed that will encourage an exciting array of wild birds to visit your garden.


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