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Wild Bird Food Store

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in your food and wondered what all those long words mean? It can be difficult to know exactly what you are eating. It is likely that if you don’t recognise the ingredients then they aren’t anything that is actually any good for you. You will understand carrots, potatoes, peas and beans well enough but what the hell is monopotassium tartrate? If you get a little confused then it isn’t because you are a bird brain!

Additives and Fillers in Wild Bird Food

If all those additives and fillers in foods are bad for people then it isn’t difficult to appreciate why they are bad for birds as well. If birds could read they would be less than pleased with some of the wild bird food available. Some wild bird foods contain ingredients just as unfortunate as those found in human food. It is advisable to invest in the best bird food and that is exactly what you will find at the best – Little Peckers!

Wild Bird Food Mixes

Many wild bird food mixes contain cheap fillers. These lack nutritional value and are the root cause of all that dust that you can get with bird foods. Birds have no interest in eating these fillers and will discard them. This means that a pile of debris will soon accumulate beneath your bird feeders. This creates an unsightly mess, will attract vermin and it will soon start to rot.

The Pick of the Crop

If your wild bird seed packet mentions ingredients that you don’t understand then it is best avoided. Natural is the way to go for wild birds. The best wild bird feeds contain seeds and nuts which are the pick of the crop and these foods will work out cheaper in the long run as no feed will be ignored.

Wild Bird Food Store

At Little Peckers we source our wild bird food from the finest producers. The comprehensive range on offer at our wild bird seed store features the highest quality, toxin free nuts, seeds and mixes. These are dust free and can be purchased in quantities to suit your particular needs. Simply research the species that you wish to attract to your garden and choose the foods that they are likely to prefer.

So who are the bird brains? Well, ironically, it is unlikely to be any of the birds which visit your garden. They can tell the difference between nutritious foods and fillers. They will be happy to feast on good wild bird mixes, sunflower hearts, nyger seeds and peanuts but fillers will be treated with disdain. Fillers are only there to bulk up the packets so that you think you are getting a better deal. You aren’t.

Purchase your wild bird foods at Little Peckers to be sure of the finest quality. We believe that we are the best wild bird food store around and that your garden birds would agree!


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