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Wild Birds Will Enhance Your Urban Soundtrack

This year I travelled to Slovenia for my summer holiday. This fabulous country is sparsely populated and much of the land is forested. Traffic is light and there is a genuine sense of peace just about wherever you happen to be. As you walk along the trails in the mountains you are able to marvel at the abundant wildlife and both domestic gardens and the open countryside are alive with the relaxing sound of bird song.

Traffic, Aircraft and no Wild Birds

After a fabulous fortnight getting away from it all I returned home refreshed. However, the contrast was startling and I was forced to tune out the urban soundtrack which seemed worse than ever. The pleasant buzzing and chirping of birds and insects had been replaced by the rumble of traffic, the occasional raw as drivers floored it in their sports cars and the distant noise of aircraft making their way to Heathrow Airport.

The Farnborough Air Show

In my home you shut the windows when you want to relax. To make matters worse, my house is a mere 6 miles from Farnborough and just one week after my return from Slovenia, the biannual air show flying displays began. I have excellent double glazing but that is no defence against a Eurofighter Typhoon, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flypast or an Airbus A380.

The Neighbours

With my daily life also regularly interrupted by screaming children, a neighbour with a Porsche 911 and the gardeners who maintain the common areas of the estate, it is never quiet in my street. All of which got me thinking about how I could improve my urban soundtrack. I have considered noise cancelling headphones but feel that there must be a better way. I have no expectations of being able to drown out the noise completely, but I wish I could introduce the sounds of serenity that I so enjoyed in Slovenia.

Wild Bird Products

I need to hear more bird song and so wild bird products are jumping to the top of my shopping list. Some feeders, wild and a should encourage more birds to visit my garden. I will have to speak to my neighbours, without mentioning that I am not impressed by the Porsche, in order to encourage them to invest in wild bird products too. I fear that a unilateral effort wouldn’t be very successful.

Running Water

I also intend to introduce the sound of running water, something that I always find lends an air of peace and calm. A small water feature will be sufficient to make all the difference and to divert my attention away from the adjacent busy road.

Hopefully I can transform my garden into a haven for wild birds. I will still be able to hear the traffic and the aircraft but the passing cars will be accompanied by an altogether more pleasing sound. Holidays are great and sometimes they can help you to understand how you can improve life at home. Of course, I could always move to Slovenia!


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