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Top Tips for Making Your Feeder a Magnet for Wild Birds

Have you provided a feeder for wild birds but struggle to attract many visitors?

Do you want to ensure that your bird feeder is the hottest gig in town for wild birds?

It is wonderful to look out of your window to see wild birds feeding in your garden. Whether you are a regular birdwatcher or just keen to help the local wildlife, a bird feeder is a cheap and simple addition to your garden which really helps the birds. But if you want the wild birds to flock to your property you need to avoid making a few common mistakes. Here are our top tips for creating the perfect bird feeder.

Don’t Forget Wild Bird Seeds!

Once wild birds discover a good source of food they will return to it. It can be stressful for the birds to discover an empty feeder and it could attract insects and wasps. Once you have offered wild bird seeds you should ensure that you always refill your feeder before it is completely empty. This way the birds know that they have a reliable source of food and will always return to your garden.

Don’t Forget to Clean Your Feeder!

If your feeder is used regularly it could soon become clogged up with empty husks. These will start to rot, especially on hotter days. Dirty feeders can contribute to the spread of disease and so feeders should be cleaned every week or so. It isn’t a lengthy task. All you need to do is soak your feeder in a mild solution of disinfectant. Give it a scrub, rinse it thoroughly and then leave it to dry before refilling.

Offer Food Year Round

You may be most likely to spend time in your garden during the spring and summer and so this is when it is tempting to provide . But the birds need nutritional support most in the winter months when natural food supplies are hard to come by. If you provide food all year round the birds will soon learn that they can rely on your garden for good sources of food.

Provide the Best Wild Bird Seeds

Discount wild bird seed can contain unpalatable fillers like cheap grains which the birds do not like. You will attract the best variety of birds if you offer high quality food. This will also minimise waste and so create less mess in your garden. At Little Peckers, our discount wild bird food is of the highest quality. Our exceptional seed will encourage more birds to visit and will create minimal waste.

Find the Right Location for Your Feeder

Wild birds feel vulnerable to predators whilst feeding. They will not favour feeders which leave them open to attack. Your feeder is best located in a sheltered area close to trees and bushes which will provide cover for the birds. If cats are an issue then protect the feeder with baffles and by planting thorny bushes beneath it.

If you locate your feeder sensibly, protect it from cats, keep it clean and always top it up you will attract a wonderful array of wild birds to your garden. Fill it will the best discount bird seed from and you can’t go wrong!


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