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Window Bird Houses - A Different Kind of Bird House

Bird houses are a fabulous feature of many British gardens. It is possible to attract a variety of interesting and colourful species to your property. Rustic bird houses, decorative bird houses and window bird houses can all bring new life to your garden. But what if one of the birds decided to take things further and turn your home into a bird house?

British Wild Birds

Residents of the UK wouldn’t have much to worry about because Robins, tits, finches and starlings are all diminutive creatures which pose no threat to people. Things are a little different on the other side of the world though. Some of the wild birds in Australia are a little larger than your average sparrow and are dangerous into the bargain. You are probably thinking about Emus. Now they would be interesting house guests but there is a bird that would be an even less welcome visitor than one of those giants.

Fast and Furious

Recently one Australian couple were shocked to discover that their family home had been infiltrated by a Cassowary. This flightless giant is considered to be the most dangerous bird in the world. They have huge talons with razor sharp claws and there have been 150 recorded attacks on humans. Apparently most of these attacks followed the victims’ attempts to feed the birds. If they do turn nasty then there is no point running because Cassowaries can reach speeds of 30 mph. One of the aforementioned attacks turned fatal when the cassowary punctured the throat of a teenager.

Prehistoric Interloper

Cassowaries evolved shortly after the extinction of the non-avian dinosaurs. They thrived because there were no large predators to eat them. There is certainly a prehistoric look to them which is rather intimidating.

The Cassowary Bird House

The cassowary which wandered into the unfortunate couple’s house was well known to local people who had named it Peanut. The bird wandered through the French windows into the house and was then discovered by the couple walking around their living room. They were given to leaving their doors and windows open in summer and Peanut just wandered right in. They had done nothing to encourage his visit having not left out any food in their garden. Clearly they wouldn’t have had a window bird house large enough for him so he just decided to move into their house instead.

The couple took cover under the dining table but Peanut obviously wasn’t that impressed with his potential new home and soon left. The couple survived the encounter intact. They will probably revisit their open door policy!

Window Bird Houses are better than Open Houses

It would be very unusual for wild birds to enter houses in the UK unless they have deposited there by the resident cat. Birds are definitely best viewed in the garden rather than in your living room. If you would like to see more birds close to home then invest in wonderful window bird house from Little Peckers.


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