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New Bird House Stops the Spread of Wild Fires

Wild fires have unfortunately hit the headlines again this year. Fires are burning out of control in Alberta, Canada, displacing tens of thousands of people and devastating the environment. Once these horrific fires get a significant hold they can take months to extinguish and so early detection is vital. But detecting fires in remote areas can be difficult.

All too often a serious threat is discovered only when it is already too late. Now a team of designers has come up with a detection system which complements the natural environment and helps wild birds into the bargain.

Wooden Bird Houses

Designers at Ogilvy and Mather have created a wild fire detection system which features sensors built in to . These clever bird houses are a good fit with the natural environment and are fashioned from recycled wood. They feature smoke detectors which could catch fires much sooner so they can be tackled before they ravage the landscape and destroy homes.

The project is being funded by Spanish insurance company Generali. The company was concerned that climate change has meant that wild fires are becoming increasingly common. Generali were keen to help find a practical and earth friendly solution to the problem. The new system is being tested in Spain where wild fires destroyed thousands of acres of land last year.

3G Connectivity but not for Tweeting

Each wooden bird house has two compartments – one for the birds and one for the smoke detection system. The houses have solar panels, batteries and 3G connectivity. They are weatherproof and the electronic section is bird proof. If smoke is detected then the birdhouse sends out a signal to fire fighters and provides GPS coordinates. The sensor can detect smoke in a 20 metre radius and so large areas of land can be protected. A quick response to a fire which has just started could make all the difference to the outcome.

Worldwide Solution

The new wooden bird houses can coexist with the natural environment whilst providing a way to protect it. They are the perfect fusion of nature and technology. Generali hope that the bird houses can be used worldwide to great effect in the future.

The new houses are currently being tested in an area of Northern Spain which is particularly prone to wild fires. If the test run is successful then these appealing wooden bird houses could be big news. As well as protecting forested areas, owners of wooden cabins mat be interested in using this type of technology to protect their properties.

Where there is a will, and good funding, there is a way! The bird houses could be the perfect solution to an ever increasing problem. They could reduce the incidence of wild fires but without creating a negative visual impact on the land that they protect. The birds won’t be complaining either!

Watch this space as we will update you if there is further news regarding this excellent initiative. In the meantime don’t forget to provide bird house for your garden visitors. You may not live in an area vulnerable to fire but that doesn’t mean that the birds don’t need a helping hand.


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