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Would You Eat Your Canary Food?

Would You Eat Your Canary Food?

This probably sounds like a stupid question. Why would you want to eat bird seed? Well, it turns out that your might actually be very good for you.


Bird food or Superfood?

Bird seed mixes can feature up to five different seeds. Many include canary grass seeds which are now believed to offer many health benefits for humans. But people have been slow to explore the idea of eating bird food for obvious reasons.

Canary Food Rich in Nutrients

These seeds have yet to become a popular choice for humans but it is likely that they eventually will. Canary seed contains 7 times more potassium than bananas and more calcium than skimmed milk. It is also high in magnesium and folic acid. It is thought that canary seed could be good for the heart, blood vessels, pancreas, kidneys and liver.

The enzymes of the seed are a natural remedy for swollen internal organs. They also help with the regeneration of pancreatic function. This reduces glucose levels and so can help to prevent diabetes. The seeds are also thought to help sufferers of gout, rheumatism, gastritis and stomach ulcers.

Aging and Weight Loss

Canary seeds are a good source of antioxidants which help to prevent aging, particularly the premature aging of the skin. They contain lipase which helps to purify harmful fats in the arteries and other fat deposits and so could prove to be helpful for weight loss and for addressing cellulite. The seeds’ antibacterial properties may help to remedy urinary tract and kidney infections.

Gluten Free

Better still, canary seed can be made into canary flour. This can be used to produce gluten free biscuits, cereals and pastas. Canary flour could be a real boon for people with celiac disease and those simply looking to eat a gluten free diet. The seeds are a good substitute for sesame seeds too. Many people are allergic to sesame seeds and the pleasant, nutty taste of canary seeds makes them a tasty alternative.

Research Required

Who would have thought it? Canary food could be a superfood for humans. Canary grass farmers are certainly keen to see this food enter the mainstream. More research is needed to establish exactly how beneficial the seeds could be, but they just might be a very healthy option indeed.


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