Sunflower Hearts: 30kg (2 x 15kg)

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Sunflower Hearts from Little Peckers

If you are looking to attract more wild birds to your garden then sunflower hearts are the perfect choice. Sunflower hearts are big favourites with wild birds and offer fringe benefits for you too!

The Heart of the Matter

Sunflower hearts are the kernels of black sunflower seeds. This means that the husks have already been removed and so the hearts are easy for the birds to eat. They are a highly nutritious food which is rich in oil and protein and so provide valuable energy for wild birds. Better still, a wide variety of birds including robins, tits, greenfinches, blackbirds, sparrows and starlings simply adore sunflower hearts. Sunflower hearts will also minimize mess in your garden.

Hearts in the Right Place

With Sunflower hearts there are no husks for the wild birds to discard and so debris will not accumulate beneath your bird table or feeder. However, inevitably some sunflower hearts will end up on the floor. Smaller birds often throw a few hearts on the floor as a diversionary tactic. If they can divert larger birds away from the feeder then they can eat unchallenged.

Stealing Your Hearts

In any case, a few hearts on the ground is a good thing. Larger species of bird may prefer to feed from the ground.

High Quality Sunflower Hearts at Low Prices

We only offer the highest quality wild bird food here at Little Peckers. Foods are sourced from the best producers around the world and processed using the latest technology. Our wild bird food is nutritious, dust free and available in a variety of weights from 2kg to 25kg to suit your needs. Our wild bird food, including our sunflower hearts, is competitively priced to offer unrivalled value for money.

Don’t Miss a Beat or Our Newsletter!

Sunflower hearts are the ideal year round nutrition for a variety of wild birds and will maximize the variety of species which choose to visit your garden. If you have any further questions then our expert team are always here to help. We would also like to invite you to sign up to our newsletter so you can take advantage of the exclusive deals and offers here at Little Peckers. It will help you to keep your finger on the pulse!

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