Verm X Pellets For Caged Birds 100g

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After the hugely successful poultry formulations were launched we were continually asked for a product for those birds kept indoors as well as outside, such as canaries, budgies and parrots. Whilst internal parasites are more rare with birds kept indoors, infestation is possible and therefore can pose a threat to your pet, and they are often difficult, if not impossible, to detect except through blood tests and screenings performed by your veterinarian. If you are in doubt seek advice from your veterinarian.Tell-tale signs include: Your bird might exhibit a sudden change in behaviour. They might increase their vocalisation. Their plumage may appear oily. There may be an increased volume of droppings, and they may appear pale or wet. There may be an increased appetite. Lesions may be present Ingredients include:Sunflower oil, seaweed meal, dicalcium phosphate, allium sativum, cinnamomum zelandicum, mentha piperita, thymus vulgaris, galium aperine, capsicum minimum.
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