Versele Laga Bosmolen Diet D-1000 20kg

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Bosmolen Diet D-1000 20kgs

Versele Laga Bosmolen Diet D-1000 uses a mixture of easy to digest seeds & oats to help provide an optimum amount of protein, carbohydrates & fats for a diet mixture. This feed is optimally used during breeding season along with a breeding mixture to get the best results possible.


White Pigeon Wheat 6%, Sudanese White Dari 15%, Red Dari 14%, Safflower 20%, Peeled Barley 7%, Paddy Rice 5%, Broken Rice 5%, Peeled Oats 6%, Hempseed 5%, Buckwheat 2%, Canary Seed 5%, Yellow Millet 5% & Brown Linseed 5%

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