birds of prey in the uk

Birds Of Prey In The UK

Birds of prey are impressive creatures, evolved perfectly to be formidable hunters. They are extremely fascinating birds that constantly wow spectators with their speed, hunting skills and aerial displays. There are many different birds of prey in the UK, if you are lucky enough you might be able to catch a glimpse of one. You can find birds of prey in a wide range of places all across the country, on farmlands, open countryside and even next to busy roads and motorways. It's illegal to kill a bird of prey, it was first made illegal around 50 years ago. Unfortunately, some people still harm these magnificent birds so they need to be protected in order to increase their numbers.


Compared to most birds of prey, Sparrowhawks are actually relatively small birds. Though this does not stop them from being great predators, their size means they can hunt in small confined places and dense woodland. They are even known to occasionally hunt in British gardens. Barn OwlThe barn owl is probably the most well known and common type of owl in the UK. They are quite stunning to look at with their distinctive heart-shaped faces. The barn owl is very well adapted to hunting, they can actually fly almost silently which allows them to quietly chase down their prey.


If you are going to spot a bird of prey it will most likely be the Buzzard, as it is the most widespread bird of prey in the UK. The Buzzard is a member of the falcon family and is a strong and powerful bird. They aren't that easy to see because they are not very colourful, Buzzards are mainly brown.

Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle has to make the list of impressive UK birds of prey. Golden Eagles are really well known bird and have a legendary status. They are very large birds with golden brown feathers and an intimidating long, hooked beak. Golden Eagles also have huge talons to grab their prey and hold on to it whilst in flight.

Red Kite

Red Kites are a very striking bird of prey with a forked tail and beautiful colouring. They have red and brown feathering and a wingspan of nearly two metres. They almost became extinct because they are badly persecuted, but they have had a strong come back and are now a treasured bird of prey.

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