feeding wild birds

Feeding Wild Birds

Many people get great pleasure in feeding wild birds. It becomes a daily pleasure to know that you are inviting these wild species into your domestic environment and they feel welcomed. If prepared and fed correctly, wild birds can become as enjoyable as a domestic pet, only with less commitment. Thanks to the array of bird feeders available today, you do not need to have a vast, open garden or lots of trees to attract these beautiful creatures. Before deciding what type of feeder to buy, you need to determine what type of food you are going to feed them. There are various categories of food available, but most revolve around seeds, nuts and live food. Seeds are the most conventional form of food and are used for attracting the more common garden bird such as Sparrow, Pigeon, Woodpeckers and Tits. Sunflower seeds in particular are popular with most types of bird. Birds such as Blackbirds and Doves will also enjoy other types of corn based seeds. You can also try peanuts for bigger birds. Dried worms such as mealworms, and suet pellets are also great for attracting a wider variety of bird, and if you are interested in bird spotting or watching this is a great way to draw them. The main problem people encounter when placing bird feeders in their gardens is the other animals they attract. Squirrels in particular love bird food, specifically suet and mealworms, so if you live in an area where Squirrels are common it is recommended to purchase a bird feeder specifically designed not to allow Squirrels to get in. Other domestic animals such as cats can also get to the food if it is not placed high enough or is secure. It is also vital to ensure that birds have a constant supply of fresh water, to both drink and bathe in. Ensure both water and food are kept fresh and you are guaranteed to attract some great species of birds who will become regular visitors to your garden.

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