grey heron

Grey Heron

The Grey Heron is quite a recognisable bird, sometimes seen in people's gardens attempting to steal pond fish. Some people even buy fake Herons to put beside their pond to deter real ones from eating their fish. They are a wading bird that can be found anywhere near water, specifically lakes, ponds and rivers and you can spot them at any time of year because UK Herons don't migrate. They survive mainly on a diet of fish but surprisingly they also occasionally like to hunt small rodents and birds.

Grey Herons are hard to miss because they are very large, tall birds. They are the largest Heron in Europe. They are black, grey and white in colouring and have extremely long legs. Their wing beats are very slow and their wings look like an M when they are flying. Herons don't tend to make much noise, they are usually very silent, especially when in hunting mode. They will however make a loud shriek if they are startled. They are very skilled hunters. Their timing is impeccable when they hunt, they sit patiently waiting for the right moment to strike. Their long sharp beaks then stab through fish to catch them. You might see a sneaky Heron standing totally motionless in the water, quietly scanning the shallows for food. Grey Herons normally hunt and feed alone but they can occasionally be spotted in small groups.

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