Most Colourful Birds In Britain

Most Colourful Birds In Britain

Britain is home to some very colourful birds. Some aren't that easy to spot and others are a little more common. When you see a colourful bird it really does catch your attention and you can spend a few moments appreciating the beauty of these stunning creatures. Birdwatchers will know which colourful birds to watch out for, but if you are new to the world of birds then here are a few of the most brightly coloured birds in Britain to keep an eye out for.


Goldfinches have very distinctive colourful markings. They have an impressive bright red face that makes them really stand out. They also have yellow patches on their wings and black and white markings. You can catch a glimpse of a goldfinch in your gardens and they particularly love bushes, parks, heathland and trees.


There are a few different types of woodpecker, each with different colours and markings. Most woodpeckers have bold markings and bright colours but perhaps the most colourful is the green woodpecker. They are defined by their green feathers on the upper parts of their bodies, their red heads and yellow feathering on their back.


When it comes to colouring, the Kingfisher doesn't fail to impressive. Once you can recognise their colouring you will definitely notice them if you are lucky enough to spot one. Kingfishers are normally seen around ponds and rivers because they are always in search of fish. They have very noticeable bright orange chests and a vibrant blue neck and back.

Blue Tit

Blue tits are one of Britain's best loved birds, and are easy to spot in British gardens. They have pretty blue caps and yellow chests. Young Blue Tits have yellow instead of white cheeks when they come out in the spring time. You can spot Blue tits in parks, gardens and woodland.


Male Bullfinches have colourful red chests, grey backs and black wing tips, tales and faces. They are absolutely stunning birds that you will be lucky to catch a glimpse of as they are fairly rare.

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