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Pet Parakeets

Parakeets are often referred to by their other name, budgie. No matter what you call them, these birds are magnificent house pets! While small in size, they make up for this with a big heart and an even bigger personality. Many bird owners start with a parakeet as the first pet they buy, purely because they're perfect for beginners.

There's a lot to love about this tiny and jovial bird, which is why so many families are welcoming them into their homes. If you're considering this, please read our guide to owning a parakeet:

Where can you buy a parakeet?

All household birds can be bought from any decent pet shop in the UK. It's always best to buy from brands you can trust, preferably ones with a physical store. Now, you can buy parakeets on Gumtree and other similar sites but do your research on the seller beforehand.

An interesting fact about budgies is that males and females are physically different in appearance. The flesh above the beak will be blue if it's a male, and pink/brown for females. It's worth remembering this when you buy one, although baby parakeets can't be differentiated like this.

How long does a parakeet live?

Parakeets will live a life full of fun and joy. They'll only grow to around 7 inches in height throughout their life, so you'll always have a tiny little bird to play with. As far as the parakeet lifespan goes, they live for 10 years on average. In pet-terms, this is just below most cats and dogs.

Are there different parakeet types?

Yes, you will find a selection of different parakeets when you search for them online. In fact, there are well over 100 different species throughout the world. Clearly, we can't go through each of these as we don't have enough time! Instead, we'll look at the most common parakeets you'll interact with.

The first is one we've already mentioned, the budgerigar. Yes, budgies are the most prevalent parakeet in the world, and most pets are this type. They absolutely adore attention and can even learn a few words!

Next, you have the monk parakeet, which is named after its very meticulous personality. These birds will spend ages cleaning and tidying the floor of their cages, much like a monk in a monastery! If you want your parakeet to talk, monk parakeets are the most capable ones around.

Many other species exist, including the rose-ringed parakeets that are known for needing lots of attention and getting bored really fast. Again, it's worth doing some extra research if you want a particular bird that's prone to certain behaviours.

What is a typical parakeet diet?

Parakeets are naturally ground feeders, meaning they like to peck away at food on the ground. As a result, their typical diet consists of small things like seeds, grains, and other plants. We supply a variety of parakeet food mixes that you can sprinkle onto the bottom of your bird's cage. From here, they can forage away and get all the nutrients they need.

You must take great care when feeding a parakeet as they are very greedy. The smallness of these birds means that it doesn't take much for them to put on weight. Especially as they can't get the exercise they'd have in the wild. So, control your portions to avoid condemning your parakeet to a life of obesity.

Can parakeets talk?

One of the main reasons for getting a pet bird is because you want it to talk. Well, you'll be pleased to know that parakeets are amongst the most talkative birds around. They can learn a whole variety of sounds and phrases during their lifetime. Some budgies have even been shown to learn over 1, 000 words.

All types can talk, and they will also sing by whistling. If the ability to talk is a big thing for you, we suggest choosing a male parakeet. They are more disposed to talking than the females, though female parakeets can still say a few words.

It should go without saying that you must take special care of a pet parakeet. Unfortunately, the smallness of these birds makes them prone to a lot of accidents that decrease their lifespan. Also, too many people buy them because they're cute, then neglect them. If you're serious about owning a parakeet, please give it all of your love and attention. The advice in this guide is an excellent starting point to help you on your way. Parakeets are such loveable creatures, and their naturally friendly nature makes them a hit for families that have never owned a bird before.

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