When Seagulls Attack

When Seagulls Attack

Visitors to the British seaside are in peril! Relaxing in the sun, unsuspecting holidaymakers who are enjoying a bite to eat are being dive-bombed by seagulls in search of a meal. Unfortunately, the birds are causing injuries in their desperate attempts to steal a morsel and the result is a great deal of distress.

Large Seabirds

Seagulls are surprisingly big birds and are tenacious in their pursuit of food. Whilst cafe owners in the British resorts are familiar with the behaviour of the gulls, visitors to the coast are often unaware that their food could be targeted. Many eating establishments now display warnings signs in attempt to save their customers from a frightening attack.

Any Food Will Do

No food is safe food when it comes to seagulls. These persistent birds will pursue fish and chips, cakes, sandwiches and anything else that is on display. Those enjoying the seaside are at risk when eating alfresco whether they are sitting outside of a cafe or wandering back to the beach with an ice cream.

Feeding the Birds

When the gulls attack, fingers, arms and mouths are often collateral damage. All of which means that actually feeding seagulls is a serious mistake as it only encourages the birds to associate people with food. A new crackdown means that those feeding the birds could be fined for their trouble. The dive-bombing birds are so quick that their victims rarely see them coming. The first they know about an attack is a cut on the mouth and their baguette disappearing in to the blue yonder. Attacks are on the rise in many resorts and it transpires that visitors have seen warnings about the gulls but believe that the tales of doom are exaggerations. Sadly, they are all too true!

Attacks Rarely Reported

The authorities cannot provide accurate figures regarding the number of attacks as many people do not report being bombed and tend to treat any injuries themselves. However serious the problem appears to be, the situation is almost certainly worse in reality.

Noisy Birds

To make matters even worse, seagulls are raucous birds which create an enormous clamour when food is discovered. One bird making a successful foray can lead others to the source of their meal. This may result in a spate of attacks in a small area. It is hard to attribute malign intent to the gulls because they are simply trying to feed themselves in the urban environment. But they do lack manners!

Damaging Buildings

Seagulls cause further problems for local residents and businesses. Their poop produces an unpleasant mess and may even block flues. The birds also damage the fabric of buildings when they sit on them. Many people would like to see the birds culled but they are a protected species. However, licences can be issued for culls when the birds are interfering with agriculture or air traffic control. Holidaymakers' ice creams don't fall into the same category though!The gulls have become a nuisance because they have quickly learnt that easy meals are available. Why forage for pilchards when there is a burger to be had just a few feet from where you are sitting. Seagulls started to see people as sources of food because those people were feeding them and discarding edible items in bins. Now, the birds don't wait to be fed, they just help themselves!

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