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Bird Feeding Stations

Supa Wild Bird Feeding Station Supa Wild Bird Feeding Station
Supa Wild Bird Feeding Station Attractively designed Wild Bird Feeding Station which comes completed with twin bracket & single bracket for holding feeders plus water dish and mesh basket style tray which is suitable for feeding Dried Mealworms & Scraps from.

Bird Feeding Stations

It’s easy to attract a wonderful array of birds to your garden. Simply supplement the naturally available food and watch the amazing show unfold! Bird feeders help native wildlife and enable you to really enjoy your feathered visitors. But a bird feeding station is an even better choice as it will encourage diverse species to flock to your back yard.

Wild bird feeding stations are attractive features for your garden which hold multiple feeders together with those all-important water dishes. Whether you choose a wooden bird feeding station, a heavy-duty bird feeding station or a metal bird feeding pole, you can serve a variety of tempting treats to appeal to different birds. Cutomise your feeding station to target your favourite species and they will appreciate your support throughout the year.

Where to locate your feeding station

Position your feeding station in a relatively open area away from any predators including the neighbour’s cats. Birds need to feel safe and this is also a consideration when planting your garden. Include large shrubs and bushes from where your feathered friends can survey the feeder before grabbing a meal. The birds can retreat to the cover you have provided when they sense danger. If the birds feel safe, they are more likely to feed in your garden.

What foods can you offer?

Your feeding station will hold multiple feeders. Fill these with different foods and you will increase the number of species that visit. Niger seeds, peanuts and millet are great choices and you could also feature a wild bird seed mix. Suet balls or blocks are loved by many birds and are great sources of energy in the winter months while mealworms are ideal for the breeding season. Research the species that you are most interested in and then select the foods that they find irresistible! A bird feeding station would be a fabulous feature for your garden. You will soon be experiencing one of the greatest shows on earth!


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