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Fallen Fruits

Fallen Fruits Bumblebee House FSC® 100 % WA08

Fallen Fruits Bumblebee House FSC® 100 % WA08

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  • Ideal for bumblebees and larger insects
  • Wooden box with gable-styled zinc roof
  • Different sized hollow bamboo tubes
  • FSC-certified Forest Timber

This bungalow style bumblebee house is a marvellous home for any solitary bee but it's especially designed with different sized hallow bamboo tubes with bumblebees in mind. The design is modern with an overhanging, galvanised, gabled roof for easy runoff of rainwater and the box is made with FSC-certified forest timber.

Bees help to pollinate flowers and are therefore an important part of every garden. This bee house offers bumblebees the opportunity to nest in a secure location unthreatened by changes in their habitat. Easily attach to fences/walls or can be left to stand in the flower bed.


Dimensions: 29.2 x 17.3 x 15.4cm

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