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Walter Harrisons

Plastic Canary Nest Pans - Pack of 10

Plastic Canary Nest Pans - Pack of 10

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Birds love to make a nest for themselves. This is fundamentally how they create a cosy and safe shelter for themselves and their offspring. The Hatchwells Canary Plastic Nest Pan helps support this nature of birds for domesticated caged birds as well. From an array of high-quality pet products and accessories, the brand offers this canary nest pan so that you can ensure your pet’s comfort in its cage. It is made from a plastic material that is safe and suitable for all types of birds. The design is intended to accommodate your little friend restfully and make it convenient for you to attach it to the cage. Ideal for blocked nesting felts and flat nesting felts, this canary plastic nest pan is the perfect way to provide a feeling of the natural environment to your flying friend. Also, this nesting pan is made from high-impact, tough polystyrene material mixed with Hatchwells nesting material. This nesting material is necessary to maintain temperature during cold seasons and keeps your pet warm and cosy. If your bird is laying eggs then this bird nest is suitable to provide the required insulation as well. These plastic canary nest pans from Hatchwells will make your work easier, maintaining your beloved pets happiness.

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