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Gardman Aura Bird Bath

Gardman Aura Bird Bath

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A bird bath is the best way to ensure the birds in your garden have fresh water to drink and to clean themselves in. The Aura Bird Bath is easy to assemble and features a modern tripod stand. The contemporary design elevates the elegance of this superior bird bath, adding a stylish bird care product to your outdoor surroundings. Designed with the contemporary garden style in mind, its a perfect centerpiece for your garden. The beautiful polished bath is also designed to attract the attention of small and brightly coloured birds to your garden. Site: We recommend that you place the Aura bird bath up to 2 metres away from any cover, such as trees and bushes in order to make it visible to the birds. Dimensions: H: 75cm, W: 42cm 39cm x 11cm x 39cm (boxed)

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