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Henry Bell

Henry Bell Heavy Duty Seed Feeder

Henry Bell Heavy Duty Seed Feeder

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The Henry Bell 'Heavy Duty' range of feeders are strong and rugged. Made of aluminium and finished in a striking black, these feeders are easy to clean and refill with an all in one base that offers more perch space with the added bonus of collecting debris to help keep your garden clean and prevent discarded seeds growing beneath your feeders. You can fill this feeder with a range of Straights or a variety of Seed Mixes to provide your garden birds with a bit more variation to their dining experience. These feeders also include a drainage solution to assist with the maintenance of the feed. Please note, the Henry Bell range of Heavy Duty Feeders are very robust, however are not squirrel or large bird proof. If you are hoping to deter squirrels and large birds, please see our range of squirrel proof feeders . Capacity: 275g (approx) of Seed Height: 24.5cm

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