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Honest 2 Nature

Honest 2 Nature Insect Suet Cake 10 x 280g

Honest 2 Nature Insect Suet Cake 10 x 280g

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Our brand new Honest 2 Nature Insect Suet Blocks are the perfect solution to feeding your garden birds in an environmentally friendly way! Made from natrually ingredients, 98% of which are sourced from within the UK, with the remaining 2% sourced from the EU. Designed to give your feathered friends a balanced and nutrious diet, these suet blocks have been filled with a variety of tasty ingredients which will provide wild birds with a good source of energy all year round. The bonus of purchasng these suet blocks, is that they are packed in new, fully recylable, plastic-free packaging. With a reduced manufacturing carbon footprint, these insect blocks represent the first step towards making plastic-free packaging for all suet products! Easily feed these healthy treats to your garden birds from a suet block feeder , ground feeder or bird table . Please ensure you regularly clean your bird feeders to prevent the spread of diseases, our full hygiene range is avaliable here > Ingredients: Wheat flour, beef fat, peanut flour, insect powder, seed mix, dried insects and yellow colourant. Does not contain palm oil. These suet blocks come in a box of 10 x 280g blocks.

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