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Johnston & Jeff

Johnston & Jeff Cockatiel & Big Parakeet Feed

Johnston & Jeff Cockatiel & Big Parakeet Feed

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Cockatiel and Big Parakeet has been specifically formulated for smaller parrot species. It is rich in proteins and oils, highly palatable and nutritionally balanced, promoting optimal health, vigour and feather quality. Cockatiel and Big Parakeet is also packed with a variety of high-quality ingredients, meaning your parrot will not get bored eating it.

Composition: yellow millet, natural groats, red millet, small dark striped sunflower seed, plain canary seed, white sunflower seed, hempseed, paddy rice, safflower seed, buckwheat and vegetable oil.

Suitable for: Cockatiels, Large Conures, Parakeets, Small Conures, and Quakers.

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