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Peanuts for Wild Birds

Peanuts for Wild Birds

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Peanuts for birds

Peanuts are firm favourites with a variety of wild birds including tits, woodpeckers, sparrows and siskins. Featuring peanuts in your feeders will ensure that you attract wild birds to your garden. However, it is essential that you choose good quality peanuts.

Wild Bird peanuts

Peanuts are prone to contamination with aflatoxin. This is a powerful liver toxin which can be extremely hazardous for wild birds. You should only invest in premium peanuts and then store them in a cool dry place to prevent the mould growth which can lead to contamination. At Little Peckers our peanuts are sourced only from the world’s finest and most reliable producers.

Seasonal Treats for Wild Birds

Peanuts are highly nutritious as they are rich in protein and natural oils. They are a great source of vital calories when food is in short supply and so are ideal for winter feeding.

The cold temperatures during the winter months also mean that mould growth is less likely.

When offering peanuts to wild birds, always use a mesh feeder as it is important that the birds don’t take whole nuts. These can be a choke hazard for small birds and chicks. Extra care is required during the breeding season as if natural food sources are scarce because adult birds may then attempt to feed their young with the nuts from your feeders. You will find the perfect mesh wild bird feeders for your peanuts here at Little Peckers.

Buying Peanuts for Wild Birds Online

At Little Peckers you can buy wild peanuts in quantities to suit your needs. Whether you require 1kg or 25kg of peanuts you will find wild bird food at the best prices right here at Little Peckers. Delivery is free on orders over £25 and so our premium wild bird food really does offer exceptional value for money. We also offer peanut granules and pastes which make for safe, nutritious and delicious treats for the birds in your garden.

In a Nutshell

It’s a hard nut to crack but we have managed it. Premium peanuts at affordable prices with quick and reliable deliveries. If you love feeding your garden birds then sign up for the Little Peckers newsletter today and follow us on social media. You will be the first to hear about our exclusive deals and special offers. You’ll go nuts if you miss them!

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