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Little Peckers Nyjer Bird Seed

Little Peckers Nyjer Bird Seed

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Whilst non native to this climate, in the right conditions may germinate. niger nyger seed is tasty snack for many different bird species, but goldfinches in particular seem to love it. it is also very popular with siskins, greenfinches and dunnocks. it helped to grow goldfinch numbers when they were struggling. niger seed is rich in oil and is said to have magical tonic properties. it needs to be stored in a special feeder because it is so fine, and will blow out of conventional feeders. goldfinches enjoy this seed so much that they sometimes even feed in large numbers, which is spectacular to watch. by putting niger seed in your garden, you will be contributing to the survival of wild birds, especially the stunning goldfinch. it's wonderful to watch wild birds flourish in your garden and feed just a few metres away from your house. browse through our products now or find out more information below. buy niger seed online order all your bird supplies online and benefit from amazing discounts. we offer free delivery on all orders over 25, so it pays to order in bulk. ordering online is quick and easy and it saves you from making constant trips to your local shop to pick up supplies. we have everything you might need in one place, browse through our fantastic selection of products for wild birds. high quality bird feed we only sell the highest quality bird mixtures, seeds and products. by sourcing our bird feed from high tech, modern factories, we can guarantee that all our products are extremely nutritious and top quality. our mixes are dust free and 100 safe for wild birds. we have a wide selection of different niger seed products to choose from. if you are unsure what to buy, contact our bird experts for some helpful advice. affordable products for wild birds we offer wild bird products at some of the lowest prices in the uk. we buy things in bulk from top brands, which enables us to keep prices low. sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media for exclusive deals and offers. buy premium nyger seed online today with little peckers.

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