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Safflowerseed White 25kg

Safflowerseed White 25kg

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One of best things about Safflower is that it is incredibly nutritious. Packed full of fat, fibre and protein, it is perfectly suitable food for a variety of different bird species that you will see in your back garden.

The seeds are white in colour and are slightly smaller than black oil sunflower seeds, although they do have quite a similar look.

Safflower seeds can take some time for certain birds to get used to. But given time the birds will learn to appreciate them.

Finches are known to love this particular seed and will happily devour it despite its bitter flavour. Blackbirds, Starlings and squirrels will not eat safflower seeds. This means that if you want to discourage these types of visitors then they are the ideal seeds for your feeder.

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