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Sky Pets

Sky Pets Barcelona Cage

Sky Pets Barcelona Cage

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This wonderful Barcelona Play Top Parrot Cage with its play gym top section has everything you and your Parrot wants from a cage. The play top area gives your Parrot ample room to play and exercise outside of their cage. There's a long wood perch for your Parrot to sit comfortably on and observe their surroundings, ladders to climb around on; promoting exercise, plus feeding dishes so your bird can always have easy access to food, fresh water or even fun to play with foot toys and materials. The play top section has its own tray, which collects any mess your bird makes. To make your life easier it can be removed for cleaning. You may also choose to remove the tray whilst your Parrot is inside their cage to allow more light in. Inside the Barcelona Cage is a large wood perch which fits the full width of the cage. Plus there are two more feeding bowls, fitted to swing-out doors making refilling them with delicious treats and fresh water a doddle. The Barcelona Cage has both horizontal and vertical bars so your Parrot can easily climb around. A large front door makes it easier for you to access the cage for getting your bird in and out, and for cleaning and maintenance. The seed catchers help prevent food going outside of the cage and keep mess confined to the bottom of the cage instead, where a pull out tray and grille are fitted. Once the door is closed, the lock keeps your bird safely inside their cage. The cage sits on castors that make moving your Parrot's Barcelona Cage easy Dimensions Total Height 178cm (71") Width 76cm (30") Depth 61cm (24") Inside Dimensions 120 x 75 x 60cm (47.25 x 29.5 x 23.5") Bar Spacing 23mm Wire Strength 2.5mm Accessories 4 Feeding Dishes (2 Internally) 2 Perches (1 on the top section, one internally) 1 Seed Catcher 1 Pull Out Grille 1 Pull Out Tray 1 Feeder Door

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