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Sky Pets

Sky Pets Ecuador Cage

Sky Pets Ecuador Cage

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The Ecuador Antique Bird Cage is has been designed with style and practicality in mind. With an opening top and an option of adding in a perch, it allows your bird to have a little more freedom as you wish.

This cage comes with two perches and three spring loaded feeder doors and bowls to allow you to feed your bird whilst keeping hands outside of the cage. The secure clock face lock means even the craftiest and cleverest of birds are unable to escape. A pull out tray and seed catcher around the bottom of the cage means that with even the messiest of birds, cleaning is kept to a minimum.

External dimensions - W66 x D56 x H175cm
Dimensions with seed catcher - W96 x D83 x H175cm
Internal dimensions - W62 x D52 x H119cm
2.5cm Bar spacing
Suitable for African Grey, Amazons, larger censure and similar sized parrots
Pull out cleaning tray
Secure clock face lock
Includes 2 perches and 3 spring loaded feeder doors

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