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Sky Pets

Sky Pets Voyager Parrot Cage

Sky Pets Voyager Parrot Cage

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Since parrots love to move around, play, hop, and climb all over the place, rectangular cages are the most suitable ones for them. They can be adjusted in width and length as your pet prefers. One such sturdy option to keep parrots limited to and safe in one place is the Liberta Voyager Parrot Cage with Wheels. Recommended by the World Parrot Trust, this wrought iron parrot cage is among the safest and reliable options available on the market. It has a living space of 1240mm that is more than enough for a parrot to spend its day actively. The whole frame is built from wrought iron for sturdiness and long-time use. The metal is oven-baked and powder-coated with non-toxic paint. This wrought iron birdcage comes with a choice for an open or closed top, along with some required accessories, such as three stainless steel feeding bowls and three perches for swinging. The door openings are parrot-safe while the feeders swing out for convenience. Also, you can remove the 90m seed catchers if you"d like. This medium parrot cage comes flat packed with all fixings and instructions and you can easily assemble it together to make the perfect place for your pet. You will have fun looking at your pet in this Liberta Discovery parrot cage as much as it will have climbing and jumping inside.

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