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Suet To Go

Suet To Go Suet Block Mealworm 280g Pack of 10

Suet To Go Suet Block Mealworm 280g Pack of 10

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Everyone loves it when different types of bird gather and chirp around in their garden. Now, enjoy this beautiful sight more often with these Suet To Go Mealworm & Insect Suet Blocks 10 x 300g.  Apart from absorbing high amounts of nutrients from the consumed food, the beef suet also contains essential vitamins that benefit the birds body. These mealworm suet blocks are enriched with wheat that assists in effectively digesting heavy food components. Wheat is also responsible to source important vitamins that help maintain birds body function. They also help keep the birds active and alert while giving them the energy to play around and enjoy all day long. This healthy wild bird food for birds also contains mealworm in dried form, which acts as the major source of nutritional value. Whether it Is the summer season or winter, the dried mealworm is every birds favourite throughout the year.  These wild bird suet blocks are suitable for robins, finches, great tits, long-tailed tits, blackbirds, jays and more similar birds.

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