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Supa Mealworm Feeder

Supa Mealworm Feeder

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Supa Wild Bird 2 Port Plastic Mealworm Feeder With Tray This versatile mealworm feeder is designed to cover all permutations associated with dispensing this popular wild bird food. The feeder can be hung in the usual manner from a tree,washing line or hook or due to the design of the base, the feeder can be placed on a length of dowel driven into the ground. The scattering of mealworms on the large base tray acts as an intial attractant and subsequentley as a supplementry feeding station whilst also catering for those birds that prefer a flat feeding surface. Size: 8"/20cm/2 Port Mealworm Feeder Key Benefits Can be hung in a tree or hook Attract birds who prefer flat feeding surface

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