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Supa Metal Niger Feeder Large 16.5 inch

Supa Metal Niger Feeder Large 16.5 inch

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Supa Large Niger Seed Feeder Is Designed to Attracts many different varieties of the Finch family.

All Metal construction ensures the feeder is durable and has a long-lasting life.

Has built in seed baffles in the diamond shaped mesh tubing which are designed to keep the Niger seed evenly spread out through the feeder.

Easy to fill and easy to clean with a “twist off” base and lid.

The feeder will attract both garden birds that like to cling to feeders and other birds that like to perch will appreciate the circular base tray.

Available in the attractive colour of Sunburst Yellow.

Dimensions of the feeder are: 420mm (H) x 180 (W) x 180 (D).

Holds approximately: 940grams of Niger seed.

Ensure in your garden that the wild birds always have access to a source of water. The Supa Wild Bird Water Drinker is ideal for this purpose.
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