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Supa Suet Block & Scraps Feeder With Tray

Supa Suet Block & Scraps Feeder With Tray

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Supa Premium Suet Block / Scrap Wild Bird Feeder with Tray The Supa Suet Block / Scrap Feeder with Tray has been specifically designed for the feeding of Suet Blocks & Scraps but can also be used for Fruit, Seed Blocks etc. The base tray of the feeder acts as a supplementry feeding station and guards against debris falling to the ground with the potential to attract unwanted guests in your garden. Key Benefits Designed for suet blocks & scraps Tray acts as supplementry feeding station Direction for Use Always site hanging feeder away from Nest Boxes and out of reach of potential predators. Always ensure a source of clean fresh water is available all year round.

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