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Verm-X Original Pellets For Caged Birds 100g

Verm-X Original Pellets For Caged Birds 100g

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Verm-X pellets for Caged Birds are one of our most popular products. Highly palatable, healthy and natural. They are delicious treat and effectively support intestinal hygiene. Introducing Verm-X: Many people today are concerned about the amount of chemicals given to animals and the increasing challenge of resistance to pharmaceutical wormers. Our founder recognised these problems in 2000 and wanted to do something positive. So, with advice from world-leading medical herbalists, nutritionists and a vet, he created a completely natural product to boost the quality of the gut biome and to support animal intestinal hygiene. Reassuringly recognised: Verm-X care passionately about the quality of our service and products. Our business is recognised for high standards of Ethical Responsibility by the Ethical Company Organisation. 

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