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Versele Laga Muta-Vit Liquid 30ml

Versele Laga Muta-Vit Liquid 30ml

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Supplementary feed for birds. Oropharma Muta-Vit Liquid is a liquid blend of vitamins and amino acids enriched with methionine and cysteine. This product is especially suitable for moulting. The feathers are mostly made of hard tissue protein (keratin). During moulting, birds have a greater need for buildingblocks of this protein, i.e. methionine and cysteine. Muta-Vit, a combination of these two sulfurous amino acids supplemented with necessary vitamins, ensures a strong, healthy and beautiful plumage. How to use: 15 drops of Muta-Vit Liquid in 50 ml of clean drinking water. Prepare fresh every time. During shedding to promote the development of feathers three times a week. During preparation for the presentation season: for 4 consecutive days. After treatment with antibiotics or other medications: for 5 consecutive days. In cases of decreased appetite, as a result of poor metabolism: for a whole week. 

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