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Vitakraft Amazonian Parrot Food

Vitakraft Amazonian Parrot Food

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Specially selected ingredients from your Parrot`s natural habitat. The Amazonian jungles are the home of many Parrots, including Macaws, Amazons and Conures. This Vitakraft Amazonian Food Mix contains many of the food stuff found naturally there including papaya, chilli pods and cereals.IngredientsCereals, Seeds, Fruits (Banana 4%, Papaya 4%, Mango 3%) Sugar, Vegetables (Chilli Pods 1.5%), Minerals, Oils, Fats.Guaranteed AnalysisProtein 10.5%Oil 7.5%Fibre 7.5%Ash 4%Moisture 11%Calcium 0.74%Phosphorus 0.32%Supplemented Vitamins/kgVitamin A 8000 UIVitamin D3 900 UIVitamin E 50mgVitamin B1 4mgVitamin B2 6mgVitamin B6 6mgVitamin B12 10ugBiotin 150ugNiacin 50mgPantothenic Acid 20mgCopper as copper(II) sulphate-pentahydrate 8mgIodine as calcium iodate 0.4mgAnhyrous.Feeding Directions25-30g (2-3 tablespoons) per animal daily.StorageStore in a cool dry place.Re-seal bag after use.

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